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Daniel was a houseguest in Season 1. Daniel employed a lay-low strategy for most of his time in the house. However, when he wanted Jack out, he ended up coming after him and trying to blame him for things. Jack was able to turn this around with his alliances, causing Daniel's game to be destroyed. Daniel became Juror #4 and voted for Weirdaj to win the season. Season 1 Host Opinion: "Daniel played an eh game. Barely saw any to be honest. His biggest moment of relevance in the house was when he won his first HOH. He took the shot to get Zombie and succeed first try. Most of his game I couldn't really find. He showed up to a few sessions but barely did anything that impressed me. He had some beef in the Jury with Jack and others. That's all I can say about Daniel. Would definitely bring him back to redeem himself as a competitor. He had quite some potential, but GG Daniel"

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