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Kooka was a contestant in Pastel Longterm's first Season of Big Brother. During Season 1, Kooka employed the lay-low technique. She never won a competition and was only nominated once before her eviction on Week 8. She was evicted over Faith with a vote of 3-1. She did so well at laying low that some houseguests didn't even know she was in the season. Kooka was a member of the Jury, she was Juror #6. At the finale, Kooka voted for Joshua to win. Kooka's closest ally was her brother, Jack, but she also was in a few other alliances, such as, Alliance Thingy and Dream Team.

Season 1 Host Opinion:

"Can't really say much about kook. Her Wi-Fi was pretty messed up. She could barely play in competitions because of it. But from what I saw from her was a lot of potential. She never got the chance to really play. She luckily got evicted before I had the chance to expel her. But from what I saw she was probably one of the biggest floaters this season. I'm surprised she made it this far. Would maybe bring back for another season. GG Kook!"

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