The first Season of Pastel Longterm's Big Brother premiered on September 16, 2018.

The first twist of the season was revealed before the premiere. The twist was that, instead of having 16 houseguests, there would be 18!

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The first season's houseguests were:

Envoria, Kooka, Loyal, Zack, Mishelly, Daniel

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.22.07 AM

K7DY, Jennity , Faith, Joshua, Hope, Jack,

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.30.57 AM

FirstLightz, Armando, Zombieman, Ethn, Dxrk, and Weirdaj

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.48.33 AM


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.55.47 AM

The first competition of the Summer was called "Forcefield a Friend." In this competition a random houseguest would be given a forcefield and they would choose the next person to receive a forcefield. The houseguest in each round to be without a forcefield would be eliminated. The first HOH of the Summer was Zombieman!

Zombieman's first nominee was Loyal. In the week preceding the premiere, Loyal tried to start random drama for no reason in the houseguest chat immediately painting a target on her back. Zombieman's second nominee was Kooka. She was nominated because this was only the first week and Zombieman really had no other targets.

The first POV of the Summer was called "Sit, Trip, Spin, Vibrate, Dizzy." The houseguests chosen to compete in the POV were: Mishelly, FirstLightz, Weirdaj, Armando, Joshua, and Daniel. Neither the HOH or the nominees competed in this POV because all 3 of them had left the server. In this competition Julio would give commands, such as sit, spin, dizzy, etc. and the houseguests had to try to stay on the platform as long as possible. The first POV of the Summer went to Weirdaj!

During the POV ceremony, Weirdaj decides to use the POV on Kooka! As a replacement nominee, Zombieman put Jack up for eviction, again because he had no real targets, besides Loyal, in the first week.

The first live eviction then took place. Loyal was evicted with a vote of 7-3. Loyal had no competition wins this Summer.


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.08.25 AM
The second HOH competition of the Summer was called "Rocket Rush." In this challenge *INSERT INFORMATION.* Hope is the second HOH of the Summer!

Hope's first nominee was Ethn because Hope had no real targets and just needed to put someone up.

Hope's second nominee was Armando. Again, Hope had no real targets and just had to put someone up.

Week 2's POV was "Sword Fight," in which Weirdaj, Hope, Jennity, K7DY, Envoria, and Faith battled it out in a sword fight arena. The second POV went to Envoria.

At the veto ceremony, Envoria decided to use his veto on Armando, saving him from eviction.

Hope then preceded to nominate First because he had been rude to Hope and called him a rat at the beginning of the week.

The live voting ceremony immediately followed. Ethn was evicted from the Big Brother house with a vote of 8-5. Ethn had no competition wins this Summer

Week 3:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.11.24 PM
The third HOH of the Summer was a Parkour competition. Weirdaj easily won the HOH, claiming his second win of the Summer!

Weirdaj's first nominee was Hope. Weirdaj nominated Hope as a pawn.

Weirdaj's second nominee was Jennity. Weirdaj believed Jennity was a competition threat because she had come close to winning other competitions.

The POV this week was called "Block Rush." The houseguests chosen to compete were: Weirdaj, Hope, FirstLightz, Dxrk, Faith, and Armando. In this competition the houseguests had to push as many blocks into their colored squares as they could. Faith took the win on this POV claiming her first win of the Summer.

At the POV ceremony, Faith decided to pull Hope off of the block, causing Weirdaj to have to choose a replacement nominee.

Weirdaj's replacement nominee was Dxrk. Weirdaj also believed that Dxrk was a competition threat and believed that having two threats on the block, one was bound to go home.

The live eviction then took place. Jennity was evicted by a vote of 7-4. Jennity had no competition wins this Summer.
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.22.45 PM

Week 4:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.28.45 PM
Wait a second... what's this? Mishelly has been pushed off the balcony of the second floor by Julio?! Mishelly had to be evacuated to the hospital and died the next day.

_______________________________________________________________________________This week's HOH competition was called "Quickest Typer." In this competition, Julio would say a sentence replacing letters with numbers and the houseguests had to retype it correctly. Due to the rules being unclear, there were multiple eliminations that were unfair such as not putting a period or a capital letter for the name of a game, which was not addressed in the rules. Luck was aimed at Hope this week who managed to pull off an HOH win, his second of the Summer.

Hope nominated Weirdaj as his first nominee because Hope believed he was working together in an alliance with Joshua and FirstLightz and was determined to get FirstLightz out so he also nominated one of his allies.

Hope also nominated FirstLightz because he was still salty about FirstLightz being rude to him two weeks ago and calling him a rat, so Hope was determined to get him evicted.

The POV this week was essentially the same as last week's but was entitled "Block Rush." The housguests chosen to compete this week were: Weirdaj, Hope, FirstLightz, Joshua, K7DY, and Zombieman. Weirdaj won this week's POV.

At the POV ceremony, Weirdaj obviously used the POV on himself since he was worried he was a target this week.

Hope then had to choose a replacement nominee so she chose Joshua, again because she wanted to nominate FirstLightz with one of his allies for revenge.

The live voting ceremony then took place. FirstLightz was evicted over Joshua with a vote of 4-3. FirstLightz won no competitions this Summer.

The remaining houseguests would now become Jury!

Week 5:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.54.50 PM
The fifth week's HOH competition was called "Box Ball," in which the houseguests had to remove all the balls from their box in the shortest amount of time. Daniel took this win, claiming his first HOH win of the Summer.

Daniel's first nominee was Zombieman. Him and Zombieman were friends but he and Zombieman got into a fight with Jack in the houseguest chat. Believing everyone thought Zombieman was innocent, he put Zombieman up as a pawn. Zombieman really was innocent, but Jack was able to manipulate one of his alliances and some others, turn it around, and place false blame on Zombieman.

Believing Jack was hated, Daniel, who also despised him, put Jack up as the second nominee, believing this would be an easy way to send him home.

The POV this week was entitled "Logo Rush" in which the chosen houseguests had to push the Pastel Longterms logo, split up into little blocks, up a ramp, and reassemble it. The houseguests chosen to compete were: Envoria, Jack, Kooka, Zombie, Daniel, and Zack. Envoria came out with his second POV win of the Summer.

At the POV ceremony, Envoria decided not to use the POV. Jack was very surprised by this since he and Envoria were in an alliance at that point in the game. Jack thought at this point he was doomed and believed that maybe Daniel, Zombieman, and Envoria had turned his alliances against him.

Jack's fears were put to rest at the live eviction, as Zombieman was eliminated with a vote of 4-2, causing Daniel's plan to blow up in his face and causing him to eliminate his ally, due to Jack's manipulation of the situation. Zombieman is the first member of the Jury and walked out the door with 1 win under his belt.

Week 6:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 2.23.50 PM

The week began with the expulsion of 2 houseguests. Armando and Dxrk were expelled for not attending enough sessions without a legitimate excuse. This would make Jennity and FirstLightz Jury members and Armando and Dxrk will join the Pre-Jury

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.23.19 PM
__________________________________________________________________The HOH competition in Week 6 was entitled "Hot Potato." In this competition an exploding potato was randomly given to someone, they had to pass off the potato to someone before it exploded. If you had the potato when it exploded you were out. The final 2 in this competition were Weirdaj and Jack. Jack was about to win HOH but Weirdaj was able to jump at the last second and handed it off WHILE the potato was exploding, causing him to clinch his second HOH win.

Weirdaj put Hope up on the block as revenge for nominating his alliance with Joshua and FirstLightz and causing FirstLightz to be evicted. Hope was Weirdaj's target ever since Week 4 to the end of the game.

Weirdaj put Daniel up for eviction because Daniel was trying to put a target on Weirdaj's ally, Jack, and wanted to protect him. Which was not a smart move, because little did he know, Jack was allied with Hope but was just using Weirdaj and his alliance to advance him and Hope further.

The POV this week was "Hide and Go Veto." In this POV, each houseguest chosen to compete would hide a Veto block somewhere in the house or backyard. Each houseguest chosen to compete would then search the house for hidden Veto blocks. The last person's block to be found would win the POV. The houseguests chosen to compete were: Envoria, Jack, Kooka, Weirdaj, K7DY, and Joshua. Jack won this POV, and his first competition, by hiding his Veto block in the pool.

At the Veto ceremony Jack decided to save his close ally, Hope, from eviction, pissing off Weirdaj and Joshua.

Weirdaj then nominated K7DY as the replacement nominee for lack of a better option.

Daniel was sent packing at the live eviction by a vote of 4-1. Daniel walked out of the house having won 1 competition.

Week 7:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.26.28 PM
Week 7's HOH competition was "Ball Race." In this competition the houseguests had a race on balls. Hope won HOH, managing to claim a third HOH win for the Summer.

Hope's first nominee was Weirdaj. He nominated Weirdaj because he knew that Weirdaj was after him and had convinced his alliance to come after him too.

Hope also nominated Joshua because he was a part of Weirdaj's alliance and was coming after Hope as well.

This week's POV was "Ball Sword Fight." In this competition each chosen houseguest stood on a ball, and moved it around attempting to kill others on their balls without being killed or falling off. The houseguests chosen to compete were: Envoria, Jack, Faith, K7DY, and Weirdaj. Envoria managed to pull off this POV win.

At the POV ceremony, Envoria decided not to use his POV so that he did not get any more blood on his hands. However, this ensured that another member of Weirdaj's alliance would go home this week.

The live eviction then took place with Weirdaj being eliminated of Joshua by a vote of 4-1. Weirdaj left the house with a total of 4 competition wins.

Week 8:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.37.45 PM
This week's HOH competition was "Hide and Go Sword Fight," in which the houseguests hid around the house and when they found each other they would battle it out through a sword fight. K7DY won this HOH competition, winning her first competition of the Summer.

K7DY then preceded to nominate Faith due to her poor fashion choices.

K7DY also nominated Jack under the claim of poor fashion choices, but everyone knew it was because she disliked Jack.

This week's POV was called "How Badly Do You Want It?" giving houseguests the opportunity to opt out of the Veto competition for rewards or in order to avoid a punishment. The last person standing would win the POV. Jack knew he was a target and was determined not to jump. He would not budge. Everyone else, except Hope (who left for the reward of being immune for replacement nominee), wanted Jack out. So no one was moving. The challenge went on for about half an hour of offering deals and threatening punishments, but in the end Julio, out of nowhere, decided to offer the POV as a prize, and the first person to jump would win it. Jack jumped just barely before Envoria did, winning him the POV.

At the POV ceremony, Jack obviously decided to save himself from eviction, enraging K7DY.

As "karma" K7DY put Kooka up for eviction, knowing that Jack and Kooka were a close alliance.

The live eviction did not end well for Jack. Kooka was sent home by a vote of 3-1, leaving the house with no competition wins all Summer.

Week 9:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.49.48 PM
At this point, with only 7 houseguests remaining, the game was starting to wrap up and houseguests were finalizing finale, and ride or die alliances.

This week's HOH was "Balanced Ball," in which everyone stood on a big ball that would move, shake, spin, shrink, etc., and the the last person standing would win HOH. This week's HOH was won by Joshua, which was his first competition win of the Summer!

At the nomination ceremony, Joshua nominated Hope, who had been his target since Week 4 for eliminating his alliance.

Joshua also nominated K7DY as revenge for eliminating Kooka the previous week, who Joshua was also allied with.

This week's POV was called "Scategories." Julio would say a category and each person would answer with a different answer within 7 seconds. The first person to not answer within 7 seconds or repeat an answer was eliminated. This POV was won by Hope.

Hope, knowing he was a target, obviously used the POV on himself at the POV ceremony that night.

Angry at what just happened (securing his enemy's safety for another week), Joshua nominated Faith because she has been a minor target of his early on in the game.

At the live eviction K7DY was sent packing with a vote of 3-1 and 1 win under her belt.

Week 10:

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.02.34 PM
This week's HOH competition was "Planks of Fate." In this competition the houseguests each stood on a wood plank. They would choose a button from across the arena, each button randomly correlated to a plank, causing one to fall out, and causing the possibility of someone eliminating themselves. The last houseguest standing would win. And that houseguest was Envoria!

At the nomination ceremony, Envoria nominated Jack because he claimed that he trusted Jack early on in the game but could no longer trust him, making Jack his primary target.

Envoria also nominated Faith as a pawn, believing everyone else hated Jack as well, when really Jack had made alliances with all of the remaining houseguests.

Week 10's POV was the Escape Room. Four rooms were filled with buttons, one button would cause the Pastel Longterms logo to appear, once someone got all 4 logos to appear they would run to the finish line. The houseguest with the fastest time would win the POV. Joshua was able to pull this off, winning his second competition of the Summer.

At the POV ceremony, Joshua surprisingly discarded, when he had the chance to pull someone down and get his enemy on the block and out of the house. This move could ruin his game, because secretly Jack was allied with Joshua's enemy (Hope) and they were planning to take him down soon.

At the live eviction, the FIRST unanimous eviction took place, with Faith being sent home by a vote of 2-0 and 1 competition win.

Week 11:

This brings us to the Final 5! Jack, Joshua, Hope, Envoria, and Zack!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.18.15 PM

But wait! What's this? Zack has barely been to any sessions and needs to be punished?! Zack was expelled for missing too many sessions without a valid excuse.

And what's this? there's a second twist this season?!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.20.29 PM

The Jurors have competed to see who will be reentering the house in Zack's spot. The winner of reentry into the game is Weirdaj!

Which means that the Final 5 is actually: Jack, Joshua, Hope, Envoria, and Weirdaj!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 9.21.56 PM

Week 11's HOH competition was "Spleef," in which the houseguests had to run around on a platform avoiding the disappearing tiles. Hope won Week 11's HOH due to Jack, Joshua, and Weirdaj falling of the platform.

At the nomination ceremony Hope nominated Weirdaj because he did not feel that Weirdaj deserved to be back in the house (nor did anyone else).

Hope also nominated Joshua because he believed that Joshua was a competition threat.

The POV competition this week was "Find the Secret Tile." In this competition, the houseguests had to find a transparent tile hidden in the floor, there was one on each level. The first person to get through all floors and to the finish line would win the POV. Envoria barely managed to beat Jack to the finish line, winning the POV.

At the POV ceremony, Envoria decided to use the POV to save Joshua from eviction. He knew this would automatically put Jack, the biggest social threat, up for eviction giving him the chance to evict him.

Envoria's plan worked and Jack was evicted at the live eviction by a vote of 2-0. Jack left the house with only 2 competition wins.

WEEK 12:

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.14.25 PM
The final HOH competition before the finale was called "Maze Color Rush." In this competition, houseguests had to rush through a maze and the houseguest with the fastest time would become the HOH. Envoria won this HOH and is the last HOH before finale, securing himself a spot in the final 3.

At the nomination ceremony Envoria nominated Hope for eviction because Envoria had a final 3 deal with Weirdaj and Joshua.

Envoria also nominated Weirdaj for lack of another option.

The final POV of the Summer was called "Faded Memories." In this POV houseguests had to match up evicted and expelled houseguest's pictures with the week they were evicted or expelled. The first person to correctly match all of the photos would win the final POV. Joshua ended up taking the final POV of the Summer and securing himself a spot in the final 3! This left Weirdaj and Hope.

At the POV ceremony, Joshua decided to discard the final POV, making him the sole vote to evict.

In the live eviction ceremony, Joshua decided to finally send Hope packing since Hope had been his target ever since Week 4. Hope left the house with 5 competition wins.


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.27.00 PM
After Jack and Hope were sent packing in a double eviction, the next event announced would be the Jury Roundtable, in which the current Jury discusses the game, the finalists, and who they believe should win. But first, the Jury shared some of their opinions on the other Jury members.

Jury thoughts on Jennity:

FirstLightz- He claimed he only saw her come to one session, calling her a floater and claims she deserves her position

Kooka- Barely remembers Jennity because she was evicted early on and believes it's not fair to have her in Jury when she was evicted so early

Jack- Does not believe Jennity should be in Jury and thinks it is unfair that she played so little but may make a crucial decision in-game.

Hope- Barely spoke to her, but she got mad at Hope for beating her in a HOH so Hope believes her low placement is where she belongs. Hope also believes that her social gameplay was non existant

Jury thoughts on FirstLightz:

Kooka- Remembers him as a temporary alliance member but thinks indifferently of him

Jack- Originally thought of him as a good player and friend, but as time went on he believed him to be kind of childish, but still a nice kid

Hope- Hope believes he blew up his own game. He made himself an easy target of Hope's for calling him a "rat" for the nominations he chose (which wasn't even FirstLightz), causing Hope to target him from that moment on.

Jury thoughts on Zombieman:

FirstLightz- He believed Zombieman was a man who has worked very hard and believed he actually tried to stay in the house and claimed, "It all comes down to the houseguests votes. Sadly all votes were against him..."

Kooka- Thought he was a petty bitch who was over-obsessed with himself and was always trying to push himself out there to say "how great he was" when he really wasn't

Jack- Thought he was a stupid bitch who held grudges based on gameplay and always tried to bring others down, though was very bad at this task and just made himself look bad. He was glad Zombieman was evicted as early as he was, so he could not spread any more toxicity in the house

Hope- If Hope had to describe Zombieman in one word, it would be "mess". He was the first person Hope made an alliance with, but also the most problematic. He started making enemies with everyone in the house, and so Hope had to backstab him for the sake of his game because Hope believed that any association with him after the drama he started would've made him an automatic target. Hope commented on Zombieman's drastic mood swings, wanting to be in a showmance with him at one point, so Hope believed that keeping him as an ally would have been a massive risk.

Jury thoughts on Daniel:

FirstLightz- Claimed he never saw him attend a session (since FirstLightz was evicted relatively early) and has no opinion on him.

Kooka- Dislikes Daniel based on how he acts in the Jury, but did not notice him much in the house

Jack- Believes he is a childish kid who tries to act older than he really is and tries to insult and affect others, but like Zombieman is not good at this and just comes off childish. Overall, he thinks Daniel is an all-around bitch

Hope- Hope claimed he "literally showed to no sessions apart from one," in which he won HOH and was evicted the following week. Not only does Hope think Daniel had one of the worst gameplays, but he dislikes him as a person  because of the way he was attacking Jack in the Houseguest and Jury chat.

Jury thoughts on Kooka:

FirstLightz- He honestly believes she only made it as far as she did because of Jack.

Zombieman- Claims she is one of the only three people in the game he hates. He accused her of just following Jack around and being "an irrelevant 6 year-old"

Jack- Kooka is Jack's sister, but Jack thinks she is awesome and deserved to make it much farther in the game than she did

Hope- Despite liking Kooka on a personal level, Hope believed her commitment to the longterm was poor and that she was always in the shadow of her brother, Jack. Hope felt like he had to backstab her to ensure that Jack would take him to the end and not his sister

Jury thoughts on K7DY:

FirstLightz- He claims, "She literally only came the day she was on the block, not much to say there"

Kooka- Hates her for putting her on the block and causing her eviction as "karma" for Jack.

Jack- Thinks she is a bitch who nominated people who did nothing to her, purely to anger her targets

Hope- Hope believes that K7DY was a strong player that was somewhat robbed in his opinion. Had she attended the week she was evicted, Hope thinks she would have made it farther in the game. He thinks her biggest downfall was not putting the effort in communicating with fellow houseguests.

Jury thoughts on Faith:

Zombieman- Claims that he loves Faith

Kooka- Never really interacted with her, but from what she's seen, Faith appears to be pretty petty

Jack- Thinks Faith is extremely childish and is a cheater for exposing people after she was eliminated causing two of their evictions. She has trust issues and is extremely childish.

Hope- Hope believed that when she was in the house, he didn't have a single bad word to say about her. He considered her to have the best social game of the season. However, following her eviction his opinion changed on her. She was very bitter over her eviction and felt the need to expose conversations and get involved with the Houseguests who still remained in attempt to destroy other's games, which made Hope lose all respect he once had for her.

Jury thoughts on Jack:

FirstLightz- Believed that "He helped everyone but himself; he carried other people which lead to his eviction"

Zombieman- Despised him due to his gameplay and "playing a dirty game" and causing his eviction. *Would not shut up in Jury Chat about how much he hated Jack*

Daniel- Despised Jack as well. Constantly made comments about Jack in the Jury chat like "he sprays diseases" and "you claim you're 15, but you're really 9" and constant comments about his hate towards Jack

Kooka- Being Jack's sister, Kooka only thought good of Jack and floated with him to advance further in the game

Hope- Hope heard many rumours going around about how Jack way unloyal, which is why Hope was doubtful in allying with him to begin with. However, Hope said he is glad he went with his gut, and believes that Jack was a great person to ally with and he enjoyed spending time with him. When discussing game, Hope said that he and Jack were always on the same page. Hope claimed that "He's a very strong strategic player. I wish we had made it to the end together as planned, he was robbed and sadly hated by many, and I'll never understand why." 

Jury thoughts on Hope:

FirstLightz- Believed that Hope was an amazing player who won competitions in the worst times, but also the most needed times. He believed that Hope was a competition and mental beast and could manipulate anyone, resulting in half of the evictions. FirstLightz believes Hope deserves to be in the F3, not the Jury.

Zombieman- Only mention towards Hope was that he "despised Hope"

Daniel- Constantly made comments about despising Hope along with Jack

Kooka- Thought Hope was a good friend, a good player, and a good ally member

Jack- After Kooka was evicted, Hope was the person Jack trusted the most. He was a great ally and a good friend. Jack wishes they could have gone to the Final 2 together like they had planned.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.43.43 PM
Part 1 of the Final HOH of the Summer was an Escape Room. The houseguest to escape all the rooms in the shortest amount of time would win Part 1 of the Final HOH. After a tie between Joshua and Weirdaj, Joshua ended up pulling off the win for Part 1.

In Part 2 of the Final HOH, Weirdaj and Envoria would have to click the buttons in the fastest amount of time to spell out an evicted houseguest's Roblox username, Weirdaj ended up pulling off the win, advancing to Part 3 with Joshua.

Previous to the final competition, all of the Jurors gave Julio two statements about their time in the house. For example, 2 options of what angered them the most, what their favorite moment in the house was, what the funniest moment in the house was, etc. Joshua and Weirdaj had to guess which one was correct and the houseguest with the most points at the end of the competition, won the Final HOH. This houseguest was Weirdaj!

At the final live eviction, Weirdaj chose to make Envoria the last member of the Jury, taking Joshua with him to the finale.

At this point it appeared as if there would be a win by a returning houseguest, however, Joshua was able to pull off the win with 5 votes to 4! Joshua is the winner of the first season of Pastel Longterm's Big Brother!

Jury votes:

Envoria- Weirdaj

Hope- *Did not vote, which turned out well, because it made for an odd Jury number*

Jack- Joshua

Faith- Joshua

K7DY- Joshua

Kooka- Joshua

Daniel- Weirdaj

Zombieman- Weirdaj

FirstLightz- Weirdaj

Jennity- Joshua

Season Recap:

Below is a recap of the season. Red numbers represent Jury votes, Green numbers represent total votes to evict while in the house, D represents that the houseguest died, and E represents that the houseguest was expelled.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 3.55.46 PM

Final Statistics:Percent of total eviction votes received:

Loyal- 9.86%

Ethn- 11.27%

Jennity- 9.86%

Mishelly- 0%

FirstLightz- 12.68%

Zombieman- 5.63%

Armando- 0%

Dxrk- 5.63%

Daniel- 5.63%

Kooka- 4.23%

K7DY- 5.63%

Faith- 5.63%

Daniel- 0%

Jack- 9.86%

Hope- 1.41%

Envoria- 1.41%

Weirdaj- 5.63%

Joshua- 5.63%

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