Reality Live Longterms emerged from Pastel Longterms after Julio felt the name gave off too much of a childish vibe. Pastel Longterms was reset and was formed into Reality Live Longterms. The Season 1 Cast Reveal was on January 17, 2019. This season did not have a twist of 18 houseguests like Pastel Big Brother 1 had, instead Reality Live had the classic 16 houseguests. The houseguests in Reality Live Big Brother 1 are:

Blu, Cam, Cassandra, Cole, Craft, Ghost, Jack, Kai, Logical, Paige, Poke, Thomas, Vibes, Zombie, Wes, and Veronica

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In Week 1 the 16 houseguests entered the house one by one. Before the first HOH they were informed that "things were not as they seemed" and "I hope America like you" by the host. After that the first HOH took competition of the Summer took place. It was called Rolling Down the Volcano. In this HOH the houseguests had a white ball and a black ball that they rolled down a platform, the white ball was for practice and the black ball was for the real competition. Once the houseguests practiced enough they would roll the black ball down a platform and whichever numbered slot it fell into was the amount of points the houseguest would receive. Cam won the first HOH of the Summer with a perfect score of 26! At the nomination ceremony, Logical begged to be nominated because he was bored. Cam nominated Logical and Vibes because Logical wanted to be nominated and Vibes wasn't at the session. At the POV competition, the houseguests had to click on grey lines to make them a straight path for a ball to roll into a hole at the bottom. Blu was able to win the first POV of the Summer! At the POV ceremony, Blu saved Logical. Cam then nominated Ghost for eviction because she claimed that 7 people wanted Ghost out and she didn't want blood on her hands. It was then revealed to the houseguests that there was a secret room hidden in the house that would have tickets. 15 of the tickets are useless, but 1 contains a special advantage that allows the houseguest to return after being evicted. It is called the Round Trip Ticket. After being given a few minutes to search, the live eviction took place. By a close vote of 7-6, Ghost was evicted from the BB1 house. Ghost did not have the Round Trip Ticket.

Week 1 Drama:

  • At the nomination ceremony Cam revealed that there is likely a F3 in the house, a lot of people agreed and thought it was Kai, Veronica, and Ghost causing the 3 of them to go crazy in live feeds trying to protect themselves from being blamed.
  • At the POV ceremony, Blu claimed that Cassandra was trying to throw him under the bus and "throwing his name around" causing her to be targeted by him.
  • At and right before the live eviction Ghost was going crazy. She knew she would likely be evicted and started insulting everyone she could, trying to change people's opinions on others, pinging the houseguests multiple times and trying to start as much drama as she could before she left. She also insulted everyone and after being advised not to insult the voters she continued to do so because she was mad.

Week 2:

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Week 2 began with the HOH, which was called Higher or Lower. In this HOH, Julio said a certain amount of a certain object in the house and the houseguests had to decide whether there were more or less of that object in the house. For example, Julio would say "There are 15 stairs in the house" and the houseguests had to say whether there were more or less stairs. Cole claimed that he knew no answers and guessed every time, but was able to pull of the second HOH of the Summer! At the nomination ceremony, Cole nominated Kai and Poke. He nominated Kai because of allegations of a Final 3 alliance with Ghost and Veronica ad nominated Poke as a pawn. The POV was called "Ready, Set, WOAH!" Julio would say "ready, set" and then a random word, once he said "go" the houseguests would have to race to a checkpoint. The houseguests would be eliminated from the POV if they were the last to the checkpoint or if they moved before Julio said "go." Cole, Kai, Poke, Cam, Thomas, and Paige played in the POV. It was down to Cam and Kai, but Julio claimed that Cam moved before go, giving the POV to Kai. At the POV ceremony, Kai obviously saved herself, but Cole put up Veronica due to the Final 3 alliance allegations. At the live eviction both Veronica and Poke begged to be saved for various reasons. In the end, the houseguests determined that Veronica deserved to leave by a vote of 9-3. Veronica did not have the Round Trip Ticket.

Week 2 Drama:

  • After Julio called out Cam for moving before "go" in the POV, Cam went crazy claiming that Julio was rigging the HOH. She got so mad she almost walked.
  • After being accused of being in a Final 3 alliance and being nominated for it, Veronica got desperate and tried to get the blame off of her, she direct messaged most people still in the game in an attempt to try to save herself, but unfortunately for her, it only worked on 3/12 people.

Week 3:

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Week 3 was the most complained about week to this point. According to various houseguests, both the HOH and POV sucked and took forever. However, Cam was able to pull of the win in both. At the nomination ceremony she nominated Poke and Wes. After winning the block-pushing POV (which she complained about), she saved Wes from eviction and replaced him with Blu. At the live eviction the vote was very close, but ultimately Blu was sent packing in Week 3 by a vote of 6-5. Blu did not have the Round Trip Ticket.

Week 3 Drama:

  • Before the HOH, Blu disrupted the house by calling a house meeting in an attempt to call Cam for using him and forming alliances with everyone. He didn't achieve his goal and ended up just annoying everyone, hurting himself
  • During the HOH Wes was caught cheating, triggering a redo between Cam, Zombie, Kai, and Blu.
  • After Blu was renominated he became depressed and decided to spend his last minutes with Kai
  • At the live eviction, Blu blu up at Cam, calling her out for having a F2 with Paige and claiming that she would win the season and gets everything she wants.

Week 4:

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BEFORE THE HOH BEGAN IT WAS REVEALED THAT POKE HAD WALKED FROM THE SEASON. Week 4's HOH was a challenge in which the houseguests had to stand on a conveyor belt and tried to stay on the longest while Julio tripped them, spun them, and made them dizzy. Jack was the first to fall, followed shortly by Cole, Craft, Paige, and Zombie. After holding out for a while, Wes and Cassandra fell leaving it down to Kai and Logical. Logical was able to pull of his first competition win of the Summer! At the nomination ceremony, Logical nominated Cassandra and Paige with no given reasons. The next thing on the list was the POV. The POV was Hide and Go Veto. The veto players each hid a veto card somewhere in the house while the others weren't looking. Then the veto players entered the house 1 by 1 and attempted to find the other cards. After an hour or more of the competition, it was down to just Kai and Jack, but Kai was able to pull of the POV! At the POV ceremony, Kai saved Paige from eviction. Claiming that he didn't know what to do and wasn't prepared, Logical nominated Craft as the replacement nominee. At the live eviction, the houseguests decided that it was Cassandra who should leave the Big Brother house by a vote of 5-3. Cassandra did not have the Round Trip Ticket. The Jury phase has now begun.

Week 4 Drama:

  • For unknown reasons, Poke decided to walk before the HOH began.
  • No other significant drama was reported this week.
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